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Date commencing: immediate
Salary: 4500 – 5500 SGD
Duration: 24 months

The lab of Tuan Tran at the School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering in Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, is seeking a postdoctoral research fellow. We are an experimental fluid dynamics group primarily focusing on multiphase phenomena such as droplet impact, Leidenfrost effect, and contact-line dynamics.

The successful candidate should have a PhD on experimental fluid dynamics, with a proven ability for research reflected in his or her publication record. A candidate with skills in some of the following areas would be especially desirable for the current project: experience in reflection interference contrast microscopy, white light interferometry, and/or atomic force microscopy, knowledge of Matlab or Python, an ability to perform image processing.

Due to the interdisciplinary and collaborative nature of the project, the successful candidate will have an opportunity to work with several research teams from different research institutes in Singapore and to interact closely with oversea experts.

The contract is with competitive salary and for 2 years with possible extension.
Interested applicants should send a detailed CV (inclusive of a publication list), a brief statement of research experience and interests, academic achievement, and a list of 2-3 references to Dr. Tuan Tran at

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