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PhD: Design and manufacturing of power electronics converters based on GaN components

Silicon is the most used material in the microelectronic industry. The tremendous need for performances driven by economical constraints, forced the semiconductor industry to improve devices characteristics considerably to compensate for silicon’s relatively modest physical properties. Those limitations paved the way for III-V semiconductors, which constitute very good alternatives to silicon and can be produced in a wide range of compositions and properties. Gallium nitride, or GaN, is one of those materials. Indeed, the research project proposed in this post-doctoral fellowship focuses on converters made using this material with performance beyond the state-ofthe-art.

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The objective of this post-doc is to model, design and manufacture hybrid circuits using HEMT (High Electron Mobility Transistor) transistor structures based on GaN and related materials. This objective will significantly improve the performance of the converters in terms of weight, volume and performance to directly impact the energy efficiency at circuits and systems levels. These highperformance circuits will be used in several areas of power conversion applications, such as electric transportation, a rapidly emerging field that is expected to be fundamentally impacted by the advantages offered by GaN-based technology.

This Post-doctoral researcher offer will be carried out in the framework of a collaboration between Varitron, a company specializing in systems for power electronics, GaNSystems, a company active in the field of high performance electronic devices and several researchers from the Université de Sherbooke. The recruited candidate will lead his research work in an industrial environment at Varitron in Longueuil (Montreal suburb), and therefore must have a strong interest and motivation for applied research, as well as a very good knowledge in the field of power electronics. The candidate must be autonomous and have good skills for experimental development and team work.

The funding available for this project provides competitive financial conditions. The candidate will be registered as a post-doc at the University of Sherbrooke under the responsibility of professors Joao P. Trovao and Hassan Maher. We offer a one-year contract (renewable).

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Starting date of the postdoctoral researcher: as soon as possible

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