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European Project GRACED

Duration: 2 years
Employer: CNRS – Laboratoire Interdisciplinaire CARNOT de Bourgogne (ICB), UMR6303 CNRS and Université de Bourgogne
Location: Dijon campus – France
Specialty: PhysicsPhotonicsNanofabrication


The ICB laboratory of CNRS in Dijon is seeking to hire a Postdoctoral researcher in guided photonics and nanofabrication. The candidate will work in the Submicronic-optics and nanosensors group under the supervision of Dr. Ing. L. Markey, Dr. A. Leray and Prof. J.-C. Weeber.

The successful candidate will participate in the H2020 European project GRACED which is aiming at developing an ultra-sensitive plasmo-photonic biosensor platform for rapid analysis of fresh agricultural produce directly in the farm.

The work will focus on developing optical waveguide chips integrating colloidal quantum dots (QD) as the light-sources; it will include the development of the waveguide fabrication method: deposition of QD and dielectric material, patterning by lithography and etching as well as the measurement of the optical performances of the chips. A second part of the work will be devoted to designing, fabricating and attaching a microfluidic cell on the sensor chip.

These tasks will be run in collaboration with other European partners in the GRACED consortium.

The ideal candidate should have a strong background in photonics and materials science, with experience in nanofabrication techniques, materials characterization and optical measurement techniques or at least in some of these fields.

Requirements include a Ph.D. in Physics or a related discipline. Applicants should provide a CV, a cover letter including a statement of research interests, and the contact details of three references to:

The position will be available in the late winter / early spring period of 2021 and its anticipated duration is for two years, with a salary range of 2100-2400€ per month depending on experience.






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