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Area Selective Deposition using plasma ALD and etching

Micro-nano-electronics & spintronics

Context & scientific Challenge/breakthrough

Area Selective deposition by ALD is a new bottom up approach firstly developed to overcome strong critical patterning issues such as Edge Placement Error (EPE) and related expanding costs. The Selective deposition by ALD can be obtained using: inherent selectivity of the process, surface activation, surface deactivation (mainly using Self-Assembly Molecules). Our group proposed an alternative way using ALD supercycles with alternate deposition and etching steps.


Thanks to the integration of different plasma etching steps (chemical etching, physical etching with ions, Atomic Layer Etching,…) in the PEALD cycles, we were able to obtain chemically selective depositions (CSD, deposition on specific surfaces only) as well as topographically selective deposition (TSD, deposition in on space direction and not the others. Examples are given on the right side of the slide.

Scientific impact & applications

These results will be very useful for many potential applications for advanced microelectronics steps: spacers, gap fill, hard mask deposition, EPE reduction…..

International positioning

Only few groups in the world are using this approach and current results are state of the art with many invited talks in international conferences. Two of the published papers have been chosen as editor’s pick by JVSTA editor.

Area Selective Deposition using plasma ALD and etching

Contacts: M. Bonvalot  & A. Bsiesy & T. Yeghoyan & C. Vallée & &


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