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Welcome to the RENATECH web site of the major technology centrale of the CNRS

The « RENATECH » national network of academic infrastructure of micro-and nanofabrication has 6 plants located in Lille technologies, Orsay, Marcoussis, Besançon Grenoble and Toulouse, that is to say, in 5 different regions.These facilities totaling 7000 m2 cleanroom and 125 M € of technological equipment. They are operated by 140 engineers and technicians and help ensure service micro-or nanofabrication (scientists and engineers) academic and industrial distributed over the national territory. Activities of micro-and nanofabrication are performed regionally and management of network activities is provided by the CNRS

With the help of MESRI and NAV since 2003, the central network RENATECH received a plan to upgrade their infrastructure (the « RTB » program in partnership with CEA-Leti).

The network is committed to ...
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