• Unique getaway to contact the whole network
  • A two clicks online registration to facilitate exchange
  • Short description oy your needs
  • Free technological evaluation
  • Identification of the platform
  • Direct access to experts on your topics
  • Determination of the project scope and objective
  • Identificationof the relevant high-end instruments
  • Elaboration of the action plan: quote, deliverables, schedule
  • Quote and schedule are respected for over 95% of projects
  • Conducting trials if necessary
  • Providing fabrication services
  • Training session in case of direct use of the instruments
  • Global services and advices all along the project
  • Satisfaction survey
  • Newsletter and website information
  • Annual user’s meeting for collaborations development


Renatech facilities provide both geographical and technological diversity.

Users are free to use any of Renatech sites or multiple sites.

The technical feasability, costs and time schedule of proposed project are evaluated with complete confidentiality by our team of experts.

We do not realize scientific evaluation of the project.